New Cameras for 2016!!!

So many new cameras! ARRI, RED, CANON, BLACK MAGIC!!

Exciting times here at Northwest Camera Co. Lots of new cinema technology is coming out and NWCC is proud to offer mostly all off it. Newly acquired camera packages and ones that are arriving soon are as follows....

Arri Alexa Mini Cinema Package (now available in PL or EF)

RED Scarlet W (Coming in March 2016 in PL or EF)

Canon C300 mark ii EF (coming january 2016)

Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6 EF (coming as soon as available)

This is on top of already providing industry leading cameras such as the RED Epic Dragon, RED Scarlet Dragon, RED Scarlet MX, Canon C300, Sony A7s mark ii and more. 

It's crazy how fast technology is moving in the cinema world. High dynamic range, resolution, wireless controls, apps, interchangeable lens mounts and olpfs, high frame rates and more. These advancements definitely give the filmmaker many more creative choices and freedoms and its amazing that Northwest Camera Co gets to offer these options and not to mention, lenses, support, lighting, grip, and location audio gear to the Pacific Northwest. 

Scope out our inventory HERE.......